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                “More music to more people.” In order to meet this goal, a major digital music streaming service set out to revamp their entire content effort. They needed a robust content strategy, and Portent got to work.

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                THE CHALLENGE

                This digital music streaming company was having serious difficulty engaging their audiences. The content they had been publishing was infrequent and without clear goals, and as a result, they were failing to attract, engage, and retain listeners. In order to revitalize their entire content effort to better connect with their audience, they needed to better understand their audience segments and develop a crystal-clear strategy.

                THE STRATEGY

                Portent developed a strategy that focused first on top-of-funnel improvements, and then driving audiences through the decision-making journey with content that served to inform, answer, and educate, depending on where a customer is in the funnel. Our efforts included:

                • Developing user journeys and personas for three main audience groups
                • Creating a strategic plan and specific content types to target each audience
                • Designing multi-month editorial calendar, theme and topic guide, specific recommendations for content production
                • Creating workflow, training writers on personas, training internal content team on workflow process

                Inform Answer Educate Framework for Content


                Content strategy guiding user journey case study for a digital music streaming services

                THE RESULTS

                While this music streaming service would unfortunately go on to be acquired too quickly to implement the content strategy outlined here, the feedback from all stakeholders on the impact of the content strategy work was glowing.

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